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Anna LittleAnna Little

Anna Little has been an educator for 11 years teaching in a variety of grades from Prekindergarten to 6th.  Anna has a BS degree in Elementary Education (K-6) from East Carolina University where she had been a recipient of the NC Teaching Fellows Scholarship.  As an educator, she has served in several leadership capacities and is continually looking to enhance her own education and professional development.  In June 2013, Anna went to NC A&T to receive STEM training so that she could further enrich her students’ learning.  Teaching is her passion and we are very excited to continue to have her with us at Walton Academy.



David CaryDavid Cary

David Cary has been an educator for the past 30 years teaching a variety of grade levels.  David received his degree in Elementary Education from Bloomsburg University and has achieved many honors throughout his teaching career.  He was recognized as Teacher of the Year twice at the school level and was runner-up for Pitt County Schools in 2011.  While being an educator he has also served as a coach for Pitt County in football, basketball, baseball, and tennis.  He was also a coach of Wintergreen’s Battle of the Books team.  David lives in Greenville with his wife, Julie.  They have a daughter, Catherine, who is attending the University of Alabama on an academic scholarship.



Dawn SingletonDawn Education Director

Dawn Singleton is a retired administrator from Pitt County Schools with 32 years of experience.  Her last 10 years were spent as the principal of Wintergreen Primary and Wintergreen Intermediate schools.  Dawn has a Masters in Elementary Education and a degree in Administration/Supervision as well as Curriculum and Instruction.  Dawn was Pitt County Schools Principal of the Year in 2007.  During her career, Dawn taught 2nd through 6th grade, supervised elementary interns and taught several reading courses as an adjunct instructor for East Carolina University.  She has served as the K-8 Curriculum and Instruction Director, was an Assistant Principal and became the principal for Eastern Elementary and the Wintergreen schools.  She has twins; Trey and Kesler Singleton.  They both attend East Carolina University and will graduate in May of 2018.  Her vision for Walton Academy is for the staff to provide the optimum learning experience in Kindergarten through fifth grades.  She is an advocate of the Arts and feels that adding the Encore classes of Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education will greatly enhance the Walton Academy experience.


Joy CarterJoy Music Teacher

Joy Carter is a retired music educator from Pitt County Schools with 29 years of teaching experience.  Her last 21 years of teaching were spent at Elmhurst Elementary School.  Joy has a Masters in Music Education from ECU, is National Board Certified and was the Pitt County Schools Teacher of the Year is 2013.  She is also certified to teach both World Music Drumming and Orff music.  Mrs. Carter retired in 2015.  During her career, Joy supervised numerous music education interns and taught Music for Elementary Classroom teachers at ECU as an adjunct instructor.  She also taught private piano lessons in her home. Her husband, Dr. Scott Carter, teaches at the ECU School of Music.  They have two daughters, Laura Carter and Mallory Adams. Their oldest, Laura, lives in Boston and manages a medical practice.  Mallory is a second grade teacher at Ridgewood Elementary.  Joy and Scott have a 3-year-old granddaughter, Adrienne, and are expecting a grandson in December! Since retirement, Joy has enjoyed her “grandma” time, but has missed the creativity and fun of teaching music. She is excited to start the music program for Walton Academy and looks forward to making lasting musical experiences with the students!  Her plans include writing a Walton Academy song and utilizing both World Music Drumming and Orff lessons.  In music class students will sing, learn to read basic rhythm patterns, perform on instruments, listen, analyze and create music!

Why is music important?  Plato said: “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”  Music is an integral part of our lives and for children to be fully educated, they need to learn about and experience music.  Why music? Often, a child may discover great success and enjoyment in music class outside of the academic setting.  There are many ways to be “smart” and music is one of them! Why music? Music is a critical learning tool that engages students and develops well-rounded individuals.  Music classes also address 21st century skills that include creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration often covered in cooperative group settings.   As important as the educational value of music is, music class is also FUN and ENGAGING providing a break in the academic day for your child.


Karen G. Klaich, NBCTKaren Klaich

Karen Klaich has been a member of the Greenville community for fifty years, graduating from JH Rose High School and East Carolina University with degrees and certification in English, history, and foreign languages.  She taught for Pitt County Schools for thirty-one years at WH Robinson, AG Cox Middle, and South Central High School, retiring in 2014.  She has earned and renewed National Board certification in English/Language Arts.  She is currently teaching high school English and Spanish at the Greenville Learning Center.  She is a Holocaust Educator and member of the NC Council on the Holocaust, as well as a Teacher Fellow with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum(2010) and the Memorial Library (2012).  She is a recipient of the East Carolina University, Thomas Harriott College of Fine Arts & Sciences, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, First Centennial Honoree of The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (2008). Karen is also a volunteer with Real Crisis Intervention and happily married with four adult children and a three-year-old granddaughter.  Karen is excited to become a part of the Walton Academy family!

Why Study a Foreign Language?  Over the past two decades, countries in the world have become more and more interdependent, and new technologies have erased many existing borders.  As boundaries between countries are dissolved, foreign language instruction has become more necessary than ever for linking with the rest of the world and for producing an enlightened citizenship able to function in today’s ever-shrinking world.

There are also many benefits to students who study a foreign language.  Research has shown that children who have studied a foreign language in elementary school achieve higher scores on standardized tests in reading, language arts, and mathematics than those who have not (Masciantonio, Rafferty).  The results of the Louisiana Report on foreign language and basic skills (Rafferty) show that regardless of their race, sex, or academic level, students in foreign language classes outperformed those who were not taking foreign languages; moreover, learning a new language is just FUN!

Debra GradyMusic

Debra Grady is a retired art teacher with 16 years of teaching experience.  She taught art DH Conley HS, Kinston HS and South Central HS.  She retired in 2012. Debra has a diverse background.  She received a BS in Elementary Education from ECU in 1974.  She taught grades K-3 for 3 years in Wake County.  She was an interior decorator for Ethan Allen Furniture for 3 years and was a co-owner at City Art Works and Gallery in New Bern, NC from 1989-1994.  As a co-owner in the gallery, Debra’s passion for art exploded.  In 1994 she enrolled in the ECU School of Art to get the degree she always wanted.  In 1998 she graduated with a BFA, Major in Sculpture.  She learned that the term, “starving artist” was real, so in 2001 she completed the Art Education Certificate, also from ECU.  Through her journey, Debra found her calling.  She was able to teach what she had a love and passion for, art!  Since retiring she continues to sub at South Central HS on a weekly bases.  In February she began teaching art at the Jack Minges and the Jarvis Boys and Girls Clubs to children of all ages.  She is the proud mother of two sons, Matthew(35) and Jonathan(31), as well as, the proud mother-in-law to Dr. Brittany Grady, Jonathan’s wife.  Debra is excited about starting the art program at Walton Academy.  Her goal is to share her theory that, “Art is life and life is art.”  She wants to tap into the children’s imaginations and challenge them to let it flow.  She will be teaching numerous art techniques while exploring art history and other cultures.

Why is Art important?  One of Debra’s favorite quotes is, “A human mind, once stretched to new ideas, never returns to it’s former dimension.” Author Unknown.  Art teaches children to explore new ideas and to think outside of the box.  All children do not think alike or learn alike.  Art opens doors for children to express themselves and see the world through their eyes.  Art, like the other Encore classes, will offer students 21st century learning skills.


Anna Doggett

Anna Doggett

Anna Doggett is Walton Academy’s K-2 teaching assistant.  Anna is a recent graduate from East Carolina University where she earned a BS in Human Development Family Science with a focus in Early Intervention.  While studying at East Carolina, Anna spent a great deal of time creating and implementing STEAM lessons and activities in the classroom.  Her mission is to foster optimal learning and development and we are confident that she will achieve her goals at Walton Academy.




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