Walton Academy focuses on educating students using an interdisciplinary approach. We teach higher order thinking skills by encouraging children to problem-solve and think critically. Through the use of guided reading, writing, and math groups we are able to reach the needs of each child. Science and Social Studies are integrated into our Literacy and Mathematics Program.



Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Math

Our academy is among the first private school in our state to offer STEAM education to the primary grades. In STEAM, our students are taught to persevere, think creatively, and to push beyond their limits through hands-on and inquiry based learning.

Character Education

Students are taught social skills, manners, and positive character traits. Students also become involved in our community through local outreach projects.


Walton Academy Students participate in weekly Encore classes which include art, music, physical education/health education, and Spanish.


This is not your typical after school program! Our after school program is designed to inspire and motivate children to strive to excel in all their studies while developing a fine character.



Walton Academy strongly believes in the importance of education in the early childhood years–prenatal/birth to 8 years old.  Childcare traditionally serves children birth through four years old.  We believe that cut off is ill-timed. Encompassing the educational experience through fifth grade is critical in terms of a seamless, high quality educational experience for our children.


What is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education is defined as the formal and informal education of children through age 8 and is vital to the success and development of young people. These early years provide the foundation for children’s well-being, self-confidence, academics, physical health, and overall happiness. Research shows that young children are able to learn things more quickly than at any other time in their life. If a child is successful in school by third grade, research indicates that the same child will most likely be successful throughout all of their school career. However, the reverse is also true. If a student is struggling with their academics by third grade, it is likely that the child will struggle throughout their remaining school years. This is why it is crucial for your child to receive the best education possible. Walton Academy is here to help by providing an excellent educational opportunity through fifth grade. Our program was created with your child in mind. Our small class sizes, individualized instruction, and qualified teachers will help ensure that your child reaches their fullest potential.


Seamless Transitions

Our model is unparalleled in our community.  Children’s World Learning Center currently operates four childcare centers in the Greenville/Pitt County area and is still growing.  Children coming through our childcare centers not only receive an outstanding education, but are able to make a smooth transition into our kindergarten at Walton Academy.  This move is easy and less stressful for all involved because we already have a relationship built with the students and families.  As an added convenience for our parents electing our extended day option (6:30 am – 6:00 pm), we offer transportation between all four locations so that your child may be dropped off and picked up at the most convenient place for you.




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