At Walton Academy, we have an extensive curriculum for our K-5 program. Our students learn in an innovative environment that promotes learning, creativity, and self-improvement. We understand that a child’s development starts at a young age. We want to provide our students with an environment that encourages them to be their best. Every classroom is given the tools to teach students beyond the curriculum. At Walton Academy, you can expect your child to build friendships, develop cognitive skills and have fun.

Incorporating Foreign Language

We incorporated foreign language at every grade level because we want to give our students a high-quality education. The K-5 years are formative years where children build the foundations of their education, self-esteem and physical health. At such a young age they are capable to learn faster than they ever will. This is why we choose to introduce a foreign language at such an early age. Every one of our K-5 curriculums includes Spanish, using simple and visual approaches.

How Do They Learn?

Children at such a young age learn more through interaction and play. At Walton Academy, we use a visual approach to introduce the new language. At the kindergarten level, students begin learning the basics of the language. Days of the week, colors, numbers, shapes and more all introduced through songs, games, and activities. The children don’t realize they are learning, they are just having fun. Not only do they begin to learn the language, but they learn about the culture as well.

Why is it Beneficial?

Communication is a large part of our world today. Countries from all over the world connect with one another. When a child begins to learn a new language at such a young age, they are more likely to pick it up. As they grow older, knowing multiple languages can be very beneficial as they enter the workforce and begin traveling. If someone is able to speak more than one language, they have more professional and social opportunities. When a foreign language is introduced at such a young age, children begin to develop a curiosity for the culture. This can allow them to be more comfortable traveling and interacting with others around the world.

Children’s World Learning Center currently has four childcare centers operating in the Greenville/Pitt County area. Our students are receiving a high-quality education that will set them up for success later on in life. Are you interested in applying? Visit us online and fill out an inquiry. We’ll contact you to give you a tour and start the admissions process today!